The greatest render ever created in the universe.

This is perhaps one of my greatest acheivements in all of blenderdom, it is the highest order of renders, the greatest peice of artwork ever submitted by any person ever concieved on this planet of pristine blender renders. this render surpasses any other renders with ease, with its gloriously-wait, no, mind bogglingly sharp edges, elite greyness, and overall sastifying complexion that will make you drool for hours. This is the greatest acheivement of all of man kind. The vivid texturing and overall composition make this image one of the greatest things ever made. you will be amazed.

I call it, “6 sided polygon suspended in space.” :cool:

You stole that render! Proof -->

If you look closely, the compression is slightly different. This guy is good!

WOW!!! Was that Indigo or Blender Internal??? Very well done!
My only crit would be to decrease the bump map a bit.

Thats a tight little box!

It’s art. Or isn’t it? Or is this thread art but not the image itself? Is this is a question that can be answered? Can it be defined by a majority, by the artist or by at least one spectator who thinks it is art?

Well… if everything is art, then nothing is.

Why call it “6 sided…” I can only see 3 ?

um…i can’t see the pic…cool box though…i think.


You should put this through the Physics Engine - It’d make a cool game… Sim Box!

omg I’ve been trying to do that for like hours can you write like a tutorial zomg d00d!!!11!1!1

can someone post a followable link or upload of the pic so i can see it :frowning:


I can’t believe I got tricked to look at a picture of a box! Waaah! (cries)

I feel so VIOLATED!

*Goes back to work…

OMG how long do renderss this good take.
You must have great dedication to keep off your computer for the days that it must have taken to render.
You are my new hero.
All hail the great rdvon!