The greatest smiley.

Throughout our existence on the net, we have been plagued by many things. Newbs, whether they be n00bs or noobs or even worse the dreaded newbie, aka noobie or n00b13. Then there are the trolls, those leering, jeering faces that forever haunt your nightmares. The only thing worse is the dreaded 404 page, that mocks you into submission every time.

But we have one thing to hold on to. One thing that defends us into the night, one single beautiful thing that lets us know that others in the world care. The force that bonds us together, the ever present defender of a moments cheer, I present to you the smiley:[INDENT=4]

Be good to one another. Cheers.

I totally agree! I do not like the nasty trolls :frowning:

Here’s my smiley

(The katakana syllable)

But I like the trollface!
(Completely different from a troll: whom I’m not too keen on).

I prefer a grin. :slight_smile: