The Green & White Kitchen

Here’s my latest project. The kitchen was easy to model, its all the bits that go in there that take the time. Anyway what do you think so far.

Cheers, Wig


Wow good lighting. I am just able to discover minor things: tiles look a bit sterile to me, I miss something around the cooker like an edge of rubber, the door has quite a big opening at the bottom ?
But I am jealous about the lighting. I always struggle with indoor lighting , even with the new portal. Wat other lights did you use in your scene which are invisible ?

Great work. What render engine are you using?

Looks really nice. But maybe it is a little bit to much green: I mean, green furniture, green walls (and ceiling) and even green lamps? Because of the ambient light even the floor looks greenish. I would change the ceiling and the lamps over the table to white or another nice matching colour. That would add more dynamic and life to your scene - I think.

Rob, thanks for the comments. Yeah I’m not happy with the microwave. as for lighting there are 2 poit lights in the pendant lights, there is a HDRI but set to 0.1 emmission. the rest are geometry lights with emmission shader (the lights in the bulkhead and the pelmet lights on the wall units)

Thanks sono, it is done with Cycles

Janks thank for the comments, i’ll give it a go. I thought I had the ceiling set to white actually lol I’ll have to checkit out.