The Greyfriars Abbey of Viborg - Animation

I’ve spent a year on this project, from a curator’s idea to my own studying and production.

3 minutes may seem like a very short length for such an animation, but an incredible amount of work went into this project, which involved several historians/archaeologists and authors providing useful information, feedback, old drawings, archaeological research papers as well as providing insight into the architecture of the Danish Late-Medieval period (14th-16th c).

I myself spent more than 8 months just on the modelling and animation alone. If you count the time spent studying/reading archaeological papers and other material about this abbey, its roughly a year spent on this project.

Now it has finally been approved by a curator and several others with in-depth knowledge of the historical architecture.

I’d be very grateful if I could get some feedback, and if you like it, please up-vote the video/subscribe to my channel for future videos. There are no ads on any of my videos, but likes and subscriptions helps my channel grow and increase the visibility and exposure of content like this.

This project, as well as every bit of other reconstruction project I’ve made in the past, are all 100 % volunteer work, non-commercial, non-profit.


Clicked on it, but it says video is private and cannot be viewed

Sorry, forgot to change the link, when I made some small changes.

I’m impressed by the level of architectural detail you have achieved. I really like how blender is being used to recreate historical sites.

My suggestions:

  1. The bump and displacement on the bricks and floor tiles could be stronger. They often look almost 2-dimensional.
  2. The texturing on the bell could be better. The shading is very diffuse.

so awesome, nice work

Thanks :slight_smile:
Glad you like it.