The growth of a flower

This is my first post of a finite work.
I used Shape Keys, hooks and something more, rendered with Cycles (500 passes). I hope you like it! (watch it in HD for best quality)
Thanks to all users who helped me answering questions on the support forum (Richard Markew, TwirlySocrates, Chipmasque, AlanK, Sanctuary) all necessary to realize this animation.

Looks very pretty.

Some thoughts: I think flowers’ flowers don’t change their colours from yellow to red and the change in shape is not so gradual. There should be longer period of small red bud encapsulated in green leaves then opening and then rapid blooming. I may be wrong and it may depend on a plant.

Good job!

Thank you for your comment.
I will try to make more “explosive” the blooming after a longer period of bud-life!