The Grudge

I love the horror genre but I wouldn’t say I’m a horror fan. I usually go to see all of the ‘scary’ flicks out there for the fun of it. Theres something about the macabre that I really like.

After seeing The Ring (meh) and They (Why did they even bother?) and after seeing the cast list lined up for The Grudge, I must say I didn’t think this film was going to present much of anything special. (Geller is not impressive in any other work I’ve seen her in…actually, shes not even that impressive in this one…)

However, I must say that this movie is pretty damn good. The synopsis is fairly cliche but as with most ‘good’ movies, with a twist. I think what really sets this movie off is the imagary…

has anyone else seen this? What did you think of it?

Hmm… I wonder why Hollywood keeps remaking these great Japanese films, instead of dubbing them…I’d like to see the original versions of The Ring (Ringu, Ringu 2, Ringu 0) and The Grudge (Ju-on, Ju-on 2) instead of remakes that aren’t that good.

A good thing about The Grudge (the U.S. version) is that they used cast members from the original one to play the ‘bad people’ instead of highly overrated actors.

Plus they used the original director.

Just with a bigger budget.


That, too.

The bigger the budget, the more they over use the special effects :-?

Bigger budget in this case doesn’t necessarily mean better movie. More than likely it was used to pay off the “quality” american actors and actresses (gellar probably isn’t cheap). Plus, marketing is a bee-ach to deal with.

From what I’ve heard, The US version is far better than the original JP version.

DUB them?! As long as you want the movie to be a comedy…

I’ve seen both The Ring" and 2 of the Japanese versions (they were called Ring and Ring 2). I will confirm that the Japanese versions sucked very badly. I eventually just fast forwarded them to see if there was any nudity so I could get at least an ounce of enjoyment - no such luck.

I quite liked the remake version.

Dubbing is soooo not a good idea. I much prefer subtitles. I’ve seen many old Jackie Chan and Jet Li films to know that.

If you’re looking for enjoyable horror, I highly recommend the Hannibal trilogy and I liked the Scream movies. One horror film I didn’t expect to enjoy was Freddy vs Jason but it was actually pretty good.

Final Destination 1 & 2 are also good - not sure if they’re classed as horror.

SOTL was amazing, Hannible not so much, Red Dragon was damn good but was no match for SOTL.

And The Grudge beats them all out in the scare department.

I’m going to see it again this saturday with some friends.

Whoa, I have to disagree big time here. The Grudge majorly sucked. There was hardly a story, it was not scary.

I’m sorry but if some four year old kid made that face at me I’d smack the shiz out of him.

The soundtrack sound like they paid some guy to drink a case of beer and they just recorded his belches.

There were a few scenes that made me a little jumpy, because of the element of surprise, but I just was not a fan of this movie.

lol, after speaking with many people about this movie, I find that people are either crazy about it or hate it. They either think it was scary as hell or annoying as hell.

I thought it was well done, but much of that could be because I walked into the theater with extremely low expectations.

I’m not easily scared by movies. But “The Ring” (remake) made me shudder slightly. So, I can recommend it. I also saw the Japanese original “Ringu” but I wasn’t too impressed. Maybe I should check out “The Grudge”.

Haven’t seen The Grudge yet but I probably will. I’m hearing good things about “Saw” and I just watched “Dawn of the Dead” and I have to say it was probably the best horror film I’ve seen since “The Exorcist”. Not scary in the same way whatsoever, but fantastically done IMO and very believable.

I saw it - scary as #@. The comercials for the movie don’t do it justice. The kid that meows like a cat looks goofy on TV but he’s scary in the movie. (although the kid is sorta annoying and even comical at times).
This one isn’t ‘texas chainsaw massacre’ type blood n’ guts move (which is the typical hollywood october crap) but is a real solid scare movie. In fact there is no blood at all i think in this movie. The movie nevertheless is very scary.
Go with a friend. :slight_smile:

Brutal honesty at its best - ha, thanks for the laugh.