The guardhouse

Hello blend-a-friends!

I haven’t posted any WIP in a LONG time but lately I’ve been reintroduced to Blender. I’ve decided to model a castle, piece by piece, which I would like to (eventually) furnish. For now I’m mostly interested in getting the exterior correct with enough level of realism that, once I give it the appropriate materials, lighting and background, will look pretty good. For some random reason, I’ve chosen to do a guardhouse, which (for my purposes) is basically a squat tower featuring room for 4 above-ground floors, arrow holes on the top two floors, a ladder hole to access the roof, etc. I basically imagine this to be the home of the primary garrison of troops for a castle. This building would house the soldiers, commanding officers, weapons, supplies and probably room for a few jail cells. Here’s what I’ve got so far . . .

So far, so good . . . for someone who’se pretty raw at Blender. The next pic (from inside the building) really displays the problem I’ve come across.

What I have (innocently) done is that I have extruded faces into the castle for the door, ladder hole and arrow holes to give the exterior walls of the guardhouse a sensation of depth. The problem is (as I mentioned) that I would like to furnish this building, so I would have to sort of cap-off the walls so that you don’t get this shadowbox look on the interior. If this can’t be fixed, I’m okay with that. To make this I basically used the “Essential Blender” book’s concept of creating one face and then creating an array to fill in the four other sides, and then I added things like the stairs, support buttresses, and things like that.

But does anybody know how I can create a building that is useable on the inside? What would be the best way to put in the floors? Thanks for all your help!

Just for posterity I’ve added walls to the guard house. The walls were modelled individually on a different file, imported, duplicated and modified with an array.

I learned that I could sort of fill in the inside wall by choosing sets of vertices and creating a face with them. That was the pits however. It took a lot of time. I attempted to try a different way with another piece of the castle: a basic tower.

For the basic tower I cut the bottom of it off and then used extrusions to extrude the wall under and into the building. This seemed to work for a while, but I ran into a few snags. For one, if I wanted to create a door or a window after I had create3d the extruded interior, it was really difficult to make it all work. Still a dead end

I’m really up a creek. I guess I’ll scour the internet for ways of creating building interior. I feel like such a noob!:frowning:


well, put your guardhouse in wire mode, or bounding box, them make another cube and size it so that it fis inside the guardhouse with a comfortable amount of space between to two. From there, you might want to take a screenshot, sketch out where you want the floors to be, then use that as a guide for modeling. Then cut away one or as many cube faces you ned to make the floors (you can make them by extruding or add new planes. I’d go for planes and just size them exactly to the walls.). Once you have the floors, you can add the cubes faces back with “F” hotkey (you know how that works? I didn’t for the longest time). After that, you have a basic cube with floors but no windows! Ah! I can see-ow! Anyway, you can use the boolean modifier or delete faces and do your extruding thing. Viola! And interior! with no chairs. I can’t make chairs, but I hoped I helped you :).

EDIT: I reread your thingy and saw you extruded the inside from the outside. It’s easier to use separate objects, as you can put the inside and outside on separate layers, making it easier to model individually.

Thanks so much Divided! I’ll try that!

That worked really well! I tried it first on a smaller and simpler tower, then again on the guardhouse. It’s amazing how a little practice goes a long way!