"The Guardian Of an Ice Cream"

hi everyone… i present you my latest work “The Guardian Of an Ice Cream”- Made in Blender and Rendered in Cycles 500 samples… i hope you like it :yes:

some close ups…


Nita :smiley:

I don’t understand… Why is it a guardian, when it is smiling? Should it protect the ice cream by showing off its teeth? I would just eat it all at once. Or wait… It will spit fire in my stomach.

It looks amazing, waiting to see it in the top row.

Really cute one! I like it a lot! :)))

Very cute character! Great work!

Boy that Dragon looks fat, did he happen to eat another ice cream cone before deciding to guard this one? :smiley:

Everything looks nice except that the ice cream material seems to be a bit jarring where the edges are, it looks like a photo has been pasted onto the scoops themselves and creates an odd juxtaposition with the CG elements.

Very original though.

Teeth look a little flat other-wise pretty good.

it’s so cute!!

I love the dragon, it almost looks like the dragon was done in blender internal and composited. But the ice -cream is just gorgeous. Well done.

Thank you all for awesome comments… :yes:

@Ace_Dragon yes i used image texture then later on sculpted on it…
@iamthwee haha no everything is rendered in cycles…

Very good materials and idea!

Really cute and nice.

Although I would like it even more if you made the textures a bit more high res… like let’s say you add a subtle speckled bump map into the cone?

Yeah it’s really hard for me to see the cycles in this. However, that does not mean I don’t love it :smiley:

mind blowing stuff huny… love it … … keep up the good work :slight_smile:

How’d you do the ice cream?

i used texture of ice cream ,then i sculpted the grooves and noise… also gave this texture to sss instead of diffuse…

Great scene! When will it be on top row? :slight_smile:

It should be in top row but It wont … donno why … and I feel its better than some of the artwork which are in top row at the moment … :slight_smile:

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