The Hai Tiki

Here is a simple render I made using blender only. The Hai Tiki (green sculpture) is supposed to be in a museum or an Indiana Jones style crypt/temple (you get it :P).

The Hai Tiki’s feet are missing :stuck_out_tongue: that’s because i was impatient to start rendering, (anyway, i’ll add them and upload a picture as soon as I do).

The Hai Tiki is “floating” for now, but I’m trying to find a way to hang or hold it. Any suggestions ?

Any comments, critique and suggestions are more than welcome :smiley:

here is the original reference :

The render is very dark, I can hardly see anything of the detail :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply LiMuBei. Okay, so I have adjusted the brightness. Looks good ? Now, my concern is that, by making it brighter, doesn’t it take away this “indiana jones” sort of effect (i’m afraid it might not look like it’s in a dark cave anymore). What are your thoughts on that ?
Also, i’m hesitating between 2 colors, for the Hei Tiki, Green-ish or blue-ish ?


Update, i kind of found out (by accident) how i could raise the brightness while keeping this “indiana jones” effect.


New image is still to dark. The image you posted in #3 is still better.

As well, i assume that the material that you are trying to create is jade. That particular material is a very difficult one to create as it has a certain amount of transparency to it. Your object looks a little flat. try this for a material setup.

one other comment unrelated to the render.

The Hai Tiki’s feet are missing :stuck_out_tongue: that’s because i was impatient to start rendering, (anyway, i’ll add them and upload a picture as soon as I do).
I would have never know that the feet were missing. It is a good model. Might be more complex around the head then lower on the medalion, but that might be how it was intended. So… yeah.

Jfaurbo, thanks for the suggestions : i was actually thinking of having it made out of jade, however, i tried to add SSS, for this sort of transparency, but it didn’t look too nice, so i’m sticking with this “metallic” type of material. I don’t know what it’s called but here’s a few examples :
So, the Tiki is green now.

I redid the lighting, and tweaked a little bit with the mesh (to make it look less flat actually). I hope this fixies it :S

I don’t know if you want to embed this into a larger scene, but for a portrait-like composition as you have now the lighting is not working for me. The image is way too dark, I can hardly see what’s going on. Personally I would go for a light setup that has high dynamic range, meaning there would be parts that are very bright as well as having very dark shadows. Something like a strong light source coming from above creating shadows on all insets which would accentuate the nice curves that the statue has. If I remember Raiders of the lost Ark correctly the statue in the beginning is presented in a similar fashion (see here: Usuall there is a conveniently placed hole in the stone right above the statue with a high standing sun creating a pillar of light right on top the statue, almost like a spotlight. Just an idea though…

Okay, So i tried to do it as much as possible the way you suggested LiMuBei, this what I get, what do you say ?

Okay, so i put the hai tiki on my mobile, and found out that i couldn’t see anything, seems like my computer screen settings are set too bright, because i didn’t really understand why you found it too dark, so i boosted up the value of the image (in 2 different lighting settings, which is better ? I think i have a preference for the first one).


update made it look older with some scratches


I have a tough time with lighting even after the tutorials. That last render looks pretty darn good.

Ah ! Thanks aln727 for the positive feedback, it’s nice to know that my work isn’t a complete mess, I was going to abandon this project if it weren’t for you !

Here’s a fix of the background, since there were two greenish spots on top of the Tiki’s head.


Wow, the improvements on this since the OP are excellent. If I had to change anything, I would turn down that yellow shininess. Other than that, looks awesome. Like a closeup, high-res render of one of the treasures in an Uncharted game :slight_smile:

Wow, well thanks for the compliment mrmagician ! I’m glad people are finally getting the feel of it !
I will try to play with the yellow shininess, and if I end up with an interesting result i’ll definitely upload it :smiley:

hey andyio, i really like the last rendering!
the only little thing i would change is the colour of the light, it is too yellow i think, but it is just my taste :wink:
anyway, i love the material, it really looks as green stone or something like that :slight_smile:

Okay, mrmagician and Naughty Ogre, thank you very much for the feedback, honestly !
I have taken into account your suggestion of changing the lighting (towards something more Orange-y), what do you say ?
Should I keep this version, or should I keep the previous render ?
Thanks in advance.


No, honestly, I think that’s worse. I would go more towards a whiteish color.

Oh, i’m sorry, I misunderstood you there, I thought at first you meant less yellow = more orange.
Anyway I have tried turning down the intensity of the specular light, then desaturating the yellowish color, but I was’t happy with the result, i felt like it took the life out of it, plus it didn’t look right because the Tiki is supposed to be lit by surrounding fire torches.
Honestly i’m very glad you told me it doesn’t look okay, some people just prefer not to comment.

Now I want to start post processing it in photoshop. Any suggestions ?

Nothing from me there, I don’t even think it needs anything. But post isn’t one of my fortes.