The hairstyle jumps when I parent it with the armature

look at the scene:

You can see avatar Jack Dayriel with hairstyle on the left side. Jack has hairstyle parented with his armature - specificaly head bone. It works.

You can see avatar Ben Coldman without hairstyle on the right side. When I want to parented his hairstyle with his armature - specificaly head bone, the hairstyle jumps?

Any ideas? File in annex

OCOC 10.floor 4H apartments 2 – copy.blend (14.1 MB)

Big thanks for advice

Tested with parent to head bone here and all is fine…


head_bone.blend (13.5 MB)

Hi pappy big thanks,
it’s really okay. How did you do it?

First time I classically tried to mark hairstyle and go to Properties, Object, Relations, Parent:, parent to Bone, Bone: head. Head jumped!

Second time (in your file or in my file, it doesn’t matter) I tried to mark hairstyle + Bone head and do Ctrl+P, Set Parent To, Bone. It works! :slight_smile:

Chmmmm bug?!