The Hall

Here part of a short I’m working im TRYing to keep it at reasonably low poly limit, to prevent huge render times. but here is part of the corredor. It supposed to be in an underground industrial complex. C&C, and suggestions are wecome.

If the rail looking things up top are made of metal, bolts where they meet the roof would help. If it’s wood your after turn down spec. Other than that I’m not sure what’s going on with the material on the blue pipes; are those gouges or reflection?

Good work with the lights and the basic plumbing doesn’t look too shabby either.

I really like the modeling and the lights. The only thing that’s “off” to me is the ground/wall/surface texture is too “mottled.” If that could be softened up a bit to be less contrasty it would help.

Kill Joy- thx for the tips i guess i could but some bolts on the top rail,(It is metal) and the gouges on the side are supposed to be rust patches, but the tex got skewed so ill try to fix it.

Akator-thx, as far as the concrete goes that’ll be replaced and UV mapped for decals and stains etc im jus to lazy to unrap and do textures right so ill get thaty done later…

All right next update… mostly minor texture tweeking and details added(Bolts and pipe supports).

i find the brown very pleasant … but it’s indeed a low-poly scene reminding me of coridors a-la Unreal Tournament

The lighting need some work. I don’t know what it needs though… %|

the scale looks a bit wierd. is that a walkway running down the right side? if so, get rid of it, its annoyng, and it doesnt keep up with the visual scale

I have the walkway there because it’s supposed to be a mech causway and we dont want to step on any1 do we?

The pipes are way too specular. They also could use a couple of cloud procedurals to simulate some dirt and rust.

Also, bevel the walls and stuff. Too sharp. I know it will bump up your poly count a bit, but it will make it look better.


Some things that should be improved IMO :

  • the pipes go directly through the concrete pillars. There is a little flange but that’s not enough. either, and that’s the usual setup in industry here, there is a metal mesh embeded in pillar and the pipes are bolted to it and not to the pillar or at least if a pipe section is embedded there is 2 connecting flange very near on each side
  • the pillars are cutted for the walkway, you need a support collumn
  • in industry, structures like the upper one are generally made of I, H, T or U beams, I Being the most common. squared tubes or worst square profiles are almost never used in such structures.
  • there should be reinforcement welding plates on ends of beams
  • if you use hanging cables, you should have also dampers on middle of pipes
  • pipes corners should have a support
  • in general, such corridors have a whole lot of electrical cables running.

As far as the support goes on the walkway yea i do need to reenforce it but the struts on the cieling are supposed to be for an overhead tramway, so they are not for structual support. cables i havent done yet just in the intrest of render times and poly counts thse will probly be last to go… and as far as the pipes go it’s way into the future i think the materials will be ok… :wink:

But seriously, thanks for the serious comments lukep