The Hallway for WC

Here is my WC entry.

C&C welcome


It has a very good sense of depth :slight_smile:

I think the textures could be a little better, seem too plain, and everything is too reflective and shiny. I would also put a bit more detail on the doors, and is there a roof?


Look carefully into the roof you can see reflections. I wanted everything to be shiny because if you look into the reflections it adds more depth.

Thanks for the reply


Nice, very good appearence of depth.

it’s good, but you really need more details! i dunno…lamps, plants, signs on thew doors…it looks empty!

Did you get that idea off the matrix reloaded?

With the corridor of doors?

I couldn’t find a pic from the movie but heres from the game:

They look very similar. :wink:

I agree on the matrix thing.

try using radiosity for the doors and left and right walls. then texture them and then add the reflections…I think it would look more realistic that way.

Good job. I just think the ceiling is a bit too shiney, but overall it looks great and has a nice sence of depth.


It looks too bright for a hallway especially as there are no visible light sources. Hallways tend to have lots of shadows and the shadows add greater depth.

Not sure if it’s supposed to go to infinity either because the end of the corridor is quite visible.

At first I didn’t like the mirrored ceiling but I guess it’s ok. Mirrored ceilings just have a bad association. :wink:

The doors look a bit off. The reflection on them just looks wrong as though you’ve just made the top half reflective instead of making windows on them. The doorways look odd too. I’ve never seen lintels that slope down that way.

I didn’t get a sense of depth I’m afraid - I think the lighting is the main issue.

I agree with everything metioned. I made this in an hour and 20 min. The doors are acually entirely reflective just the bottom half is reflecting the floor. So thanks for the comments but I am afraid I dont have the time or care enough about this pic to fix the problems mabye someday. Right now I am working on a new idea I think everyone will like it alot it goes with the season.


oh and I did get the idea from the matrix good guess :slight_smile: