The Hallway

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick render I did, mainly to test out my lighting, which I think I’ve managed to suss out now :slight_smile: I know that there’s a lot more I could add, but I want to keep it quite sleek and minimalistic as opposed to overflowing it with colours and details (like a ceiling lamp, for example).
Click for bigger.

Blender + Yafray. Took 1h 50m at 750x1350. OSA of 8, full GI with 200,000 photons at higher.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


nice. the floor is way to plastic/shiny though

I agree. The floor is way too reflective.

Lighting is really nice though. Good stuff.


The floor isn’t too reflective. Ref’s fine but it looks kinda watery.

looks really cool! IMO the floor IS a little too reflective. and i think you should change the repetitive texture on the stairs, its quite noticable and the grain should run horizontally. awesome stuff.

Thanks everyone. Yeah, I told myself that I wouldn’t add anymore, but I’m a liar and a hypocrite :slight_smile: I’ll change the nor and mirror values on the floor, and possibly UV map the stairs instead of just using the default mapping. I’ll post the new image when that’s done.

Cheers for the nice comments :slight_smile: