The hamadryad (nudity)

I’m revisiting an earlier concept, the forest nymph, this time trying to emphasize the “magical” aspects. The hamadryad is a forest nymph often considered having ties to one particular tree.

as rendered (Cycles, ~1000 samples in the UI)

with Photoshop processing

Again, the idea of a transformation in process is the principal concept, but in this case being even more explicit about the connection to the tree.

These tests are to establish composition, lighting and materials. In the second of the two, I’ve used Photoshop to explore some corrections & elaborations as well as do some color timing.

I plan a very large render for the final, which will take many hours rendering, so I’d like some feedback before proceeding to that point in order to get the image looking its best. I’m concerned that all the fine filamentary detail in the vines is somewhat overdone, or maybe needs to be seen in other places on the trunk of the large tree?

It’s nice. I especially like the glowing eyes.
I don’t understand why you thought this had to have a “nudity” warning though. There’s no nudity in it. She a tree. It’s like putting a nudity warning on a model of a cat…

Because some people are overly sensitive to boobs that look like human boobs, even though they are tree boobs. I got chided for not doing a warning about devil boobs once. I guess boobs are taboo. Taboobs? :wink: Personally I see no need for any such label at all, even with fully human subjects, but I try to go with the flow.

Now Devil boobs… yeah, THAT I’d like to see. Sort of working on some Devil boobs myself these days. It’s sort of a grey area to know when the Devil boobs are too big, or if they are just too small. Personally, I like the really big Devil boobs… Ideally they should have hooks and piercings and such, with REALLY big areolas that maybe a slightly different color than normal… along with some other stuff…
Yeah, THIS would definitely need a “nudity” warning…

I really liked the devil girl. That did actually have some of “weird stuff” I was talking about. Good going.

In this revision I made changes in Blender to match what I had previously done in Photoshop for the vines mass, the lighting and the color balance. I hit the target very closely, with only a small color shift into the red and a slight darkening of the vines to produce this version. I’ll have to alter the vines shader to correct that part in the render, but I think I’ll leave any further color shifts to post-rendering since they are global and Photoshop can be a lot more subtle and it’s easier to evaluate the results.

~1075 samples and it still shows too much grain in the shadows so I’m just going to let it cook to get an idea of the best samples count for an actual full-scale rendering. I’m currently planning at least 6 and perhaps nine parts to the full-scale render (3x3 matrix) using the border/crop option, which seems to cut down on system requirements for such a large image.

love it!

just one thing when u do your final render, the body needs some more focus and it could use some more variation in color other then that
it is really beautiful

Thanks, J0linar! Could go into a little more detail about your comments, though, I’m not sure what you mean by “focus,” and whether you mean more color variation in the skin portion or the “bark” portion of her body. The focal point for DOF purposes is her eyes, so that kind of focus is quite sharp. Compositionally, my eyes go right to hers, which is the intent, and then gather in the rest of the space around her. Do you see it differently? By “focus” do you mean the body needs to stand out from the setting more?

am sorry that my critique/ suggestion wasn`t clear
and yes i mean the body could use some more color variation
i do understand now that the focus is directed at the eyes but from my personal pov - it is not the right area where the focus should be.
I would set it @ her body in combination with some bright colors (something fleshy)
anyways i do hope that my words are more clear now and like i said it is just my personal pov

Got it! Thanks for expanding on your views, they’re valued. I’ll try out some color corrections in Photoshop to see if “fleshier” flesh works better. I do want the attention drawn to the eyes, though. The rest is still there to see, but her face in shadow gives the piece a sense of mystery I particularly like. This is also why the overall color palette is kind of muted.

I get it but from my humble experience it is hard to draw much attention when the area u want to be in-focus
is that small still am sure you are gonna do a graet job on the final composition :slight_smile:

now i will leave u to it

This is the final in terms of lighting and color timing. J0linar, that was a great idea to push the flesh tones even farther toward human, it does bring more attention to the figure as whole while the eyes are still the initial focal points. I have some small sculpting touch-ups to do and then I’ll start trying my big render idea. I do believe this one will set a new personal record for render time, since this small-scale test @ 2250 samples took 21 hours. I have six to nine such renderings to do for the final, if I can get away with that few tiles. 180 hours rendering. Oh, joy. Guess I’ll catch up on my writing.

This is a detail taken from the composite-in-progress, showing the scale of the final rendering:

About 117 hours of rendering so far and I have less than half the full image done, though this includes some time to do a patch to correct the displacement on the skin – at this scale my original values looked grotesque and I had to tone them down a lot.

The final rendering, scaled to fit the forum’s 1024 max dimension.

A detail at half-rendering-scale.

Final size is 2640x3480, took a total of around 220 hours to render at that scale, with the task broken into 6 roughly equal-sized “tiles” using the Border/Crop option, with pieces assembled in Photoshop, where the final post (color timing, some level tweaks, and touch-ups) was also done. Maybe 3 hours into the post work.