The Hamadryad

The hamadryad was a woodlands nymph sometimes thought to have magical ties to a particular tree.

This is the final of a revised earlier concept (The Dryad), with more sophisticated lighting, shaders and modeling/sculpting. A larger-scale version can be seen at

The big light dots on the left are a bit distracting and the big tree somehow looks too blurry.
Otherwise a great picture!

amazing work !

I like the Concept, idea and the result. yes that roots fractals mixing whit the human members shape is nice to look.


Thank you very much for the comments, guys! I guess the incredibly long render was worth the wait. It also makes possible good-sized giclee prints of the image, so if anyone would like to have one, let me know & I’ll start planning a print run.

You should change the thread name to The Hamadryad [NSFW] for those who are sensetive to this.
Otherwise it looks very good. Can you tell me how you came up with the realistic nature look?

The scene is great but the character has not been of the same standard. I dont know what part to exactly point out but it does need some improvement. Great scene though. :slight_smile:

This looks like it could be in World of Warcraft MMO