The Hamster Escape

My first game, The Hamster Escape
Download it and play now!
If it has any problem, please inform me. Thanks.
While you are downloading the game, please visit .


How about including some images and even a video or two? It would raise the attention of people which may be interested in your game, as currently they would have no graphic reference to decide for downloading the game, and many people don’t like to click on links when everything could be already presented.

Thanks, I will add some images :slight_smile:

I can’t download, says ERROR, File Not Found… :frowning: Sucks because it looked awesome! Reminded me of toy story. Don’t know why.

Here’s some constructive critisism;

There are way too many polys. The game was so slow. Think of using about 3000 vertices MAX on your main character and around 1000 for NPCs

And textures always make a game look pretty!

Good first game!

blend file file upload please.

Broken link

The hamster is SO cute!
But the link is broken!

Aww…how dod cam.dudes get it!!!
(ps your tetris 3D is cool.)