The hardest rigging question in the entire blender community

im not kidding guys unfortunately :frowning:
how can animate a wheel not only in straight line but when i steering my wheel left or right the wheel doesnt rotate , so basically my problem is that - wheels doesnt rotate when im steering left or right and no matter how hard i search i didnt find any tutorial, most of the tutorials are for a wheel that moves in a straight line which is quite easy to do :frowning:
and others is a car that follow a path , but non of them its for what im looking for :frowning:
if anyone can help me i will highly appreciate !!!

You need two empties per wheel for that. Empty_steering and empty_wheels.

Put both of then exactly in the center of one of your wheels.
Parent empty_wheels to empty_steering.
Parent your wheel geometry to empty empty_wheels.

Animate the wheel rotation with empty_wheels and animate the steering with empty_steering.

This way empty_wheels is allways in the object space of empty_steering which means that empty_wheels allways “thinks” that the direction of rotation is the same as it is facing.

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and with bones? im using bones for my mechanical rigging

Should be the same principle. You need the wheel rotation to be in the parent space of the wheel turning.

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It’s all explained here:


Cheers, Clock. :beers:

PS. This is not the hardest thing to do, but I agree it is not easy… Try rigging an epicyclic gearbox for example, or a steam engine’s valve gear, to name but two… :joy:

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Take a look at Clockmender’s site. He does a lot of mechanical rigging. Look at the one for the Bike on his site how he did the wheels.


Thank you guys , a lot of helpful links ,time for reading !!