As a learning experience I want to make a very short animation. By the end I should have improved all the my core Blender skills from modelling to physics simulations.

The idea is a humorous take on the traditional ‘haunted house’. Instead, it’s the outside toilet that is haunted. The camera will track down the backyard path, the door will open, and a ghostly spectre will emerge from the bowl. The end.

Here’s my initial sketch of the backyard. The beginning of the shot should look similar to this:

What do people think of the idea and rough composition in the image linked above?

I’ve done a place holder type model for the outhouse and a more detailed model for the clothesline (which you can only see a little part of in the above sketch).

For the outhouse, I’ve made each wall several cube objects, each with the dimensions of a standard plank of wood. I will make detailed planks and then replace what’s already there. I think this will be a quick way of doing it and also allow me freedom for later animation (eg, if I want to blow it up and have planks fly away separately, or if I want to hide a wall so I can get a camera into the confined space). I’m not sure if this is the usual method? What do others think of it?

Here is the clothesline which I’m pretty happy with. It’s fairly accurate to the one in my backyard. I was editing down to a millimeter scale, so it’s fairly detailed.

(PS How do I get images to actually show on this page?)