The Head Tracking in BGE


I collected some information about the Head Tracking systems, which possible are useful in BGE.




  • BGE requires the PPjoy and Tir2joy
  • Tested in BGE by author.
    o WinXP sp3
    o TrackIR 4 Pro ver. 5b
    o Real-time 6DOF axes data available
    o Actual camera application not tested yet

1.Install the PPjoy
2.Install the Tir2joy
3.Made a setup PPjoy as Tir2joy readme file tells
4.Start the TrackIR program
5.Start Tir2joy program

PPjoy by Deon van der Westhuysen.

Very nice PPjoy installation & setup documentation

Tir2joy by Peter Dikant.



GameControllers_Detect_Test.blend (142 KB)


So, did you get your TrackIR cooperating with Blender?

Any problems?

This looks really great. I wish I could lay out the cash on a system like this just for experimenting, but my hobby budget is already stretched to beyond breaking point right now. :frowning:

Great to know you got this working and thanks for bringing this to my attention. If fps games could make use of this technology then it would free up the second analogue stick on a game pad for more productive uses in gaming mechanics. Quite often when playing games, the controls feel really cramped.

This could do away with the necessity for a third hand. :smiley: