The Heart Gardener

Hi, I created the gardener holds heart. The hand was done by sculpt, particle of grass. The hands show that the gardener loves to grow flowers in the garden with hands to make garden looks so beautiful. And look so peaceful. There was no retopology for the hand. Because I want it looks so nature.m The paradise flowers was done in simple base mesh models and painted texture with artrage. The background of clouds was imported image that turned it into world view. I thought it looks s good so far but I would like to hear from you for critizing my work asap. I maybe would never thought of your suggestions.


pvharmo- it seems not bad idea… I can make some variatiions in shape of strands by modeling strands myself and using a particle system to add on hands… I can see how it goes… I believe it will look better… By the way, thank you for a complimentary. :slight_smile: