The Heist - Peterbilt 379

Again, I feel guilty about not posting anything in the art forums lately…
Very WIP-ish. Started this 4 hours ago. Well, CC appreciated as always…

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can’t see anything

sigh never rely on a free host…

copy&paste did the trick…

nice start on the truck. good job on the grill (did you turn on the “wire” option?), however the tire’s profile is a little to exaggerated IMO.

Actually is not a copy&paste host, I phoned the helpdesk and found out that they’re replacing most of their servers. So there’s a 20% chance that you’ll see the pic. Just try refreshing the page until it loads. I’m looking for a temporary host… Sorry.

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Very nice…
but it seems so … retro…
very nice work on the grille!
How did you do that?

here’s a note… DONT HAVE A PORN HOST! gosh man I have porn pops coming everywhere…

don’t listen to him…

well I’m making it off the only good blueprints I could get and I thought it would look terrible, but I actually kinda like teh retro look.
The grill is just a lot of 6-ring cylinders crossed like so:

please, any comments appreciated.

Well I hate school, I hate work and I hate sleeping because I’ve had no time to blend at all in the last couple of weeks.

Minor update:

That looks very nice. Well modelled.


That is really good. I like what you’ve got so far.

For my money, I like to see people doing the big rigs. They are so much more interesting than cars.

Keep up the great work,