The hemisphere doesn't behave like a plane with rigging

I made this hemisphere from a UV sphere and also imported the bitcoin shape (with .obj format) from Rhino.

Well, I rigged the bitcoin as Active and the hemisphere as Passive. I expected the bitcoin fall into the container but it doesn’t fall and stops in the origin point.

What is the solution, the hemisphere behave like a plane in connected to the bitcoin and the symbol fall into it?

Rigid body animations only happen if playback is happening, have you pressed Spacebar to begin that?

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I click on the play icon in animation, instead but the bitcoin doesn’t go downer than the origin point

Simulations need Object mode to be played. Are you in the Object mode?

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Change the rigidbody shape of the hemisphere from Convex Hull to Mesh.
Screenshot from 2022-06-22 23-56-05
That should fix the issue.

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Bravo, senior Daniel Roberts

It was the same solution. It worked as the best

Thank you a bunch :slight_smile:

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