The Hero's Journey

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Hey y’all, I’m currently working on a video story about a character’s rise from slave to king. It’s simply called “The Hero’s Journey.” Right now, I’m working on a scene that shows him pulling a hand cart along that slave lane that runs parallel to the promenade where his master sells his vegetables. I’ve got the promenade, slave lane and slave trough all made but need help with the various types of stands and people.

Some things to note:

On the promenade; only free folk (servants, peasants, citizens, free citizens and the aristocracy are permitted.
The slave lane is for all slaves and the slave trough is on the opposite side of the slave lane from the promenade. (will post screen shots later)

I’m hoping that (with enough help) this can become a great feature.

Requirements are Blender 2.79 (since 2.8 doesn’t have all of the addons that I need yet) and a working knowledge of MakeHuman. (If you don’t have a working knowledge of MakeHuman, I can help with that but you must be willing to learn.


  1. Character Designers
  2. Costume Designers
  3. Asset Designers
  4. Riggers
  5. Animators
  6. Lighting Effects
  7. Sound Effects
  8. Viseme
  9. Voice Actors

This is volunteer but if anything monetary value comes of it, you will be entitled to your share based on you level of participation. If nothing else, this can look good on a resume, portfolio and/or bragging rights. :slight_smile:

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