The Hidden Source Fan-Art

Hello Blender Artist community, I have finished my Hidden Source fan-art, this was all done in Blender, except the Wallpaper which was done in Blender and then combined in Photoshop, I can’t take any credit for modeling texturing or the map (Except for the glass door and outside, that was added for the render) as they were done by the Hidden Source Devs.

The lighting and animation poses were done by me and I really like how it turned out.

The reason I decided to release it today is the Focused Critique thread I posted for it died out and I decided it was done.

The Hidden: Source

Unofficial Beta 5 Wallpaper:

The last ITR vs the Hidden:

Thanks for viewing my work and leave a comment if you want.

My friend wanted me to make a version where Hunk from Resident Evil was over shadowing the Hidden, so as a joke and sort of a request I made this.

No comments? Nothing to say about the Wallpaper or the renders since the 11th? :expressionless:

Here’s a comment, looks great but try to spruce up the models with some bump maps and subdivisions. Otherwise it has an overall creepy feel and I might use it as a background during Halloween.

Sprucing up the models isn’t a bad idea but they do already have a normal map in place, but it has to be toned down quite far due to it turning the model black, like the arm in the corner of the Hidden perspective, that was an accident the day I made it I was really mad and the focused critique thread I posted was not getting any critique, which was making it hard to get anything done that I didn’t see was right.

I tried adding a subsurf to the ITR but it made them not look right.

BTW this is not the Wallpaper size needed, I have re-sized it to fit most screens but didn’t put it up.