The hideaway

Hidden in the cliff caves, some beaches are caressed by feeble waves of the sea and lit up by subtle rays of sunshine. They provide a perfect hideaway.
A mystic environment for your scenes and animations.

Notes: The scene include 1 terrain modeled in GeoControl2 and 1 cave object created with Acropora a voxel external software; both was texurized in Blender (Render Cycles).
The terrain was populated with 6 eco-systems and the cave with 1 eco-system (by ParticleSystems). All the assets are in bundle (3 rocks, 2 shrubs, 2 grass patches, 3 palms).

If you want see more pictures and download the blend scene,
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Nice! Is that light coming from the opening above?

Beautiful expression.

well … yes
in this scene there are several points light that simulate the origin of light, to make the shot stand out.