The Hitchhiker's Trailer, can it be done in blender?

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy’ trailer can be done in Blender. In fact, I am interested in knowing how they made the stars form to display the logo, and then how the texts are displayed. Is it worth it to try this in Blender?

I just bought Sony Vegas software, and I am not sure if it can do the same.


The stars don’t form…they are set up in such a way that when you look at them from a certain perspective they form a logo. Look at them in any other perspective and all you see are random stars. The camera then tracks through the stars and ends up at said perspective.

Also, there really isn’t anything there that can’t be done in blender.

On second look, there seem to be two layers of stars, the first one is totally random, but they fade out as the logo fades in…again, something that can easily be done in blender by animating Halos.