The hole
Can’t find a better name for this piece, my first in a while.

Kansas, I’m glad you’re finally deciding to start experimenting with things other than primitives with basic materials slapped on. Nice job, only crit is that the rusty texture at the top of the hole looks a bit stretched.


You really became better in time

really well done :smiley:

same, pretty nice cmpared to yuor other stuff, I like the industrial feel.

very interesting lighting…
what about some very slight bevels on the sharp edges? should enhance by 100%
also lack a central subject… perhaps a tentacles creature emerging from the hole? (hint, hint)
good work so far

Good job !

great lighting ! you are on the right way !

The lighting is what i’ve been using in my recent works, a sunlight 45 degrees to the camera slightly yellowish or bluish
A hemilight pointing straight down a little less powered and slightly bluish
AO set to skycolor.

And the central subject, that’s that big hole in the center :wink:

Nice work Kansas! My suggestion is to add some sort of glow coming out of the hole, making it more of the focal point of the piece. Keep up the good work.

Also all textures are procedural including the tiled plates using cellnoise.

That is pretty nice. I don’t have any crits here. Good work. This reminds me of the battle in Star Wars Episode I between Darth Maul and Qui Gon and Ben Kenobi. Looks pretty similar anyways, nice work though!

I like the tantacle idea… maybe steel ones with large pointy claws…

did you create a screw,like in princes screw tutorial and then
bend it for those curved pipes

No creation from screws for the curved pipes. I used a different method. :wink:

wow Kansas, you made this? :o
it’s really nice, good atmosphere
now try to make the textures less repeating

Wow, you’re improving a lot! I’m looking forward to see your next image(/animation?:D)

I agree with Job.

Fun to hear the floor is procedure

ha! As if Kansas made this, it looks nothing like his previous works. :o

Of course, it leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m not going to ruin the moment with crits.

Oh yeah, excellent lighting.

Pretty nice!, looks a bit like a factory!:stuck_out_tongue:
Lighting could be better if you put the lamp more in the middle :wink:
I wander what your next images going to be!

I like the lighting in this one. Very interesting. Turn on AO to a slight degree, how simple is that, and you’ll have an elegant solution.

One thought regarding the mesh. Where the tubes contact the wall there’s no logical transition. The tube just goes through the wall.

Bump maps are pretty good, grime on the tube going down is pretty good. Keep this up and I’m going to be envious. Good work.

I think it would be cool if there were some consoles around with little glowing lights, and maybe some big round red valve handles. I think some more variety, a bit more to look at, would really improve this picture. It’s not bad though.