the home

hi everyone!

this is my first post on blenderartists. modelling (cars; house; grass; kitchen,…) with blender and render in cycles ( CPU i7 2600/16gb ddr3/hd 7950 3gb ddr5) compositing blender + gimp 2.8.

20 hours of rendering.

especially it is a thanks to andrew price for all the goods tutorials!

Hi, it’s nice place for live :wink: i like it and your camera pos is good place .

In additional i think your log time rendering for grasses.

Briefly thanks for share your work with us.

Hi! Nice render! Expecially the lighting.
Some problems here and there. For example:
The car misses an engine and interiors through the rims
The curtains in the dark room have a not natural shape
The water material miss transparency. Probably the normals are flipped, or you need to make the water invisible to shadows and diffuse, so that some light go under the water and lights the bottom.
The wood around the pool have a plastic feeling.

Good work!

nice!!really like the environment…:eyebrowlift2:

Very nice, love the lighting. Did you use a dome?

thanks guys !

Very nice, love the lighting. Did you use a dome?

only environment texture strength (3.5) + sun with strength of (0.3). after rendering i have to match scenes lightning with sky by post-prod in blender (color balance ).i’ve used post prod to make hallo around all light source + Gimp supernova filter. image was render with transparency (under film panel of cycles) to add the sky by compositing in Gimp.

A really nice render, I guess the only thing besides what some of areas of improvement that others mentioned, It seems to me like the grass might be off in some way, not the texturing so much, but the scale seems a little too big to my eye.

But this really is a beautiful scene and all and all you did a great job on this.

20 heurs de rendu wow , pourquoi tu n’as pas utilisé yafaray :confused:, il est bon pour les gens qui utilisent le CPU:yes:

yes you are right about Yafaray but i used to render with it before but it is too instable for intensive works. Now I want to buy a new CPU!

is Xeon and opteron cpu enougth to got a reaonnable render time on big project. I need something 3X times faster than my i7 2600 but not a graphic card.

Very good work. Looks so real. Worth even printing and framing as a picture for drawing room :slight_smile:

Its really really good, well done.

blenderartist dn’t work sometime for me why?

The server gets too many connections and deny access in your country, it happens to me too…

btw very nice render indeed.