The Homer (The car built for Homer)

Cars have become somewhat of a CG cliché, but since I was introduced into the world of 3D I never even tried to model one…until now.

These are Homer’s original blueprints if anybody wants them:


Nice, any wire frames?

Duhast: I never had a driver’s license, and never was interested in cars - so, yes, I tend to think of CG cars as clichés. But I do like your toony car - very cute. Nice modelling and materials. Could you please show us some wire frames?

/ Mats

Awesome I wanna have one of those. No more kids screaming: “Are we there yet?” :wink:

5*Stars for originality and modelling

I think a scene would be nice.
Is this made in indigo cause there seem to be some noise artefacts on the metal parts (especially the lights!) Maybe continuiing the render some more or smoothing them out will reduce those.

The artifacts are very distracting indeed.

Awesome idea to model this one though. One of the funniest episodes they did. Great job!


Materials are amazing!

Simply great. I love it. Of course, we should give credit to the genius homer. All hail King Homer! (5*)

ooooh! 5 stars

simply beautiful !

How could you work from those blueprints… there so overcomplicated :stuck_out_tongue:

4.5* because there is some imporvement i can see (mostly on the grill, it just looks different to the rest… dosnt fit) and ofcorse the rating must be rounded up, so 5*


Wow, that’s a really cool car, it’s really fit to be called the Homer car! :slight_smile:

Great work. The only thing I don’t get is that the body appears to have some tiny dimples everywhere. I’m not sure why that is.
Other than that, I love the image. I love the whole idea of taking something from the cartoon world and rendering it in this hyper-real style. There’s a great tension there.

I’m glad you guys liked it and found it funny. That was my intention.

I used those bumps to make the surface a little rougher. Now that you know, I’ll have to kill you.

This is the best thing I have ever seen and I want to have your child now :smiley:

Very awesome.

I remember the episode, great rendition of the disastrous vehicle. I have nothing to add on the crits you’ve already received.

Awesome concept, and excellent execution except for the artifacts, which let it down :frowning:

I’m not sure when renderer you used but it looks to me (could be wrong!) like it’s AA problems due extreme brightness, perhaps from an HDRI file. If this is so, try using a LDR file for the reflections and see how that goes.

Top notch and very funny. 5*

About the artifacts in the reflections, it could be related to this:

So a solution could be enabling “Clamp RGB”

Awesome job! i love that episode. 5 stars!

i hope is can play lagucahaya(no idea if its spelled right :slight_smile: )!