The Homicidal Adventures of the Ginger-Ninja

Ok… this is my third thread saying im starting a new game and im really disappointed 'cause I haven’t finished either of the other two :(. That’s probably because I didn’t thoroughly think them through. I’ve decided to spend a bit of time planning this one out, and I think i’m ready to start.

This new game is called “The Homicidal Adventures of the Ginger-Ninja”, or H.A.G for short. I got inspiration for this game by thinking about how unbelievably stereotypical all “Fairytale” themed games are. Theres the prince and he rescues the princess but he has to stop the evil witch in his path and so on and so forth… really not that entertaining (in my opinion). So i put a spin on that with this new game. You play the “Ginger-Ninja” a complete rip-off of the “gingerbread man” (he looks the same too), except you are a fully trained ninja, a master of ninjitsu. Fully decked out in your top ninja assasination gear, such as katanas, throwing knives, throwings stars, shobo etc, you are called upon by the wicked witches. As this is your first major assignment you really REALLY don’t want to screw it up. The wicked witches pay you to go out and assassinate all of the fairytale characters. Each level brings you to a different fairytale scene, in which you have to kill all of the characters. The characters range in difficulty throughout the level, until you get to the “boss”, played by that particular fairytales main character. I havent figured out the ending yet but I have a few ideas. I’ll post soon with a progress report. I’m off to start. All C&C welcome. Please tell me what you think.



I actually love the idea! :smiley:
One thing you might wanna think over though is using the gingerbread man, so many people use that guy.
Of course because he is so cool,
but there are loads of other coolguys out there two who all want to be noticed :frowning:

My suggestion is that you change that character to something else, i can give you some ideas (yay!):

  • Well, you can always try the new and sparkly dog-man-pig!

  • Or maybe the evil fat guy with fairy wings! He also wants to be in a fairytale game, but noone likes him :frowning:

  • You can try to figure out which tale would be the final level, and then take one of the side-characters from that story and give it a ninja suit. This one makes it really crispy and crunchy because the story would be dramatical like a soap-opera on TV!

  • If you have the guts you may attempt at having death as your main character, he has been in almost every fairytale there is but noone has ever sighted hm and he never gets a fair share of the fame, free food, cool t-shirts and caps with fairytale merchandise, he’s not even in the credits!

Maybe these are a little wacky but you don’t have to do what you’re told, since i’m not your mum! Right?
You should think of what perspective you want the game to be in, side view or so.
Making it in full 3D requires a lot more time and work on both modelling and scripting/logics so this really depends on how much you already now/are willing to learn without getting bored as hell with it.

Last thing i am going to mention which i think you really should consider is; Make a team!
I remember from when we were working on the MGP and we had fun all the time, progress was just awesome and one can achieve a whole lot more.
In terms of progress and so i would say that 1+1=3! My point being not that you can screw with maths but that if you’re more than one person, you get 50% extra done except the other 100% you get from your mate. Well then, if you’re four people that makes it: 1+1+1+1=6! This weird little algorithm stops working at a certain number depending on your project, if you’re just too many you will never be able to get everyone online in time for meetings and blah blah blah.

:expressionless: This is a long post to write only 15 minutes after waking up… Now i must go back to sleep… It’s 8:40 zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

Ok, thanks Juggler for the ideas. I might consider changing the main character. thanks again talk later.



Actually I like the idea of the gingerbread man.

Hope to see some concepts soon!

I´m totally gingered, and what isn´t great that u make me a ginger-themed game so I can live even more gingered (LOL)

however… did u even started out with small games… the idea sound bit fun… maybe… dunno… depends how u turn this out.
Good luck dude

Thanks mr_yeahman for the comment. I have in fact worked on numerous small “mini-games” to help me work out the blender game engine. This game for me is another great way to help me learn even more. Im not very experienced in blender, though i go ok. Hopefully this project will teach me more about the game engine and i will keep trying to get better and better. Once again, thanks. Andrew-101 i plan on getting some progress screens up in the very near future. Thanks for comment.



Shouldn’t games not be posted until they’re actually “Works in Progress?”

No offense dude, but this thread seems to me to just going to be buried. Feel free to prove me wrong by posting a demo, screenshots, or a video, but until you do this isn’t even in progress.

Perhaps we need a new forum… “Game Ideas and Team Seeking” where a thread like this might be more appropriate.

The Sambassador- I was thinking the same thing before. I’ve decided not to post in this thread again until I have a wide variety of evidence of progression, such as screens, demos, videos etc like you said. Thanks for comment.