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Yes, I’m guilty. I’m a notorious thread opener :smiley: and this even though I already have several open threads. But there’s a party going on here an BA and I decided to join in and to participate in a competition for the second time in my short Blender career :slight_smile:

So let me introduce you to Mr. Scent. He isn’t fully dressed at the moment but as you see he is a perfect instance of the well proportioned man - at least if you will follow Mr. Loomis.

Mr. Scent lives in Bloombury and he is a municipal scentman. His job is to clean the air from old and stagnant scents. This is important for the City of Bloombury because the city is famous for its refreshing and balmy air.

Here is a blockout that shows him at work.

24 days left … that will be fun :slight_smile:

And here is a quick scribble of where I want to push this to.

seems the whole world is going to be steampunked, nice start minoribus.


Cheers, speed :slight_smile: Here is where I am today.

I’m sure I used to drive one of those on the school run!

Looks to be a fun concept Minoribus. It’s definitely going to be a competitive contest.

HaHaHa, yes :slight_smile: And did you also had differences with the facility manager of the school? :smiley:

Yeah, there are so many awesome projects in this competition. But as you said, it’s a fun project.

Today I’ve been working on the tracks. And I redid the wheels to keep the playful and yet strong style.

I continued with modeling this evening. I thought by myself that I should bring more steam to the vehicle. Now I have to think again on how to add the tank back in. Most probably I’ll wrap it around the chimney.

And after the steam I should add the punk :slight_smile:

Great start, it’s got a solid base of modeling, and it’s the kind of scene that makes you smile. Besides that, more steam, more punk! Look forward to watching this.

This has potential!!

Just curious… Have you made a major design change from the render in #7 or did you just temporarily remove some of the structure from your renders in #8?

Hi Photox and Nid Graphics, thanks for visiting my thread. And as you said I’ll try to add more steam and more punk to unlock it’s potential :slight_smile: I roughly planned to do the modelling until the start of the next week, then texturing and after that lighting and compositing.

Harleynut, thank you also. And yes, I removed parts of it temporarily. But I have to think about how I will reintegrate them, because I want to keep the steam chimney.

Hello together, I continued to refine the blockout and to add details. I changed one major detail with the new horns for reasons of composition. Now they lead into the image. Previously they were stopping the eyes too much. And I had to take some rounds to find a new solution for the tank. But I found something I’m happy with. I planned to take up the line of the tracks with the tank. But that didn’t look good in any way. Now I have some clear lines and this is a way you would probably build it in real life, which is important to have viewers accept it.

That is looking great. The egg shaped boiler looks like a it was made by faberge , and I love the decorative elements.

You’ve made some interesting additions to this render. I would consider softening the edges of the foot rests a little bit, or even adding some type of decorative elements to the footrests.

Thank you very much, Carel. Harleynut, you have a good eye. But the foot rests are still a stand in. They are still in place because I trashed my first attempt to replace them.

And while everyone is making good progress here is mine for today.

minoribus this is looking wonderful, how far are you from texturing?


Damn minoribus you’re all over BA. :slight_smile: Faultless composition IMHO and I know the horns were a tough decision. Could the windows be black wrought iron. And, of course we are all hoping to see a lot of copper. Kudos on the buildings and the way they frame the center of interest. Just maybe a little depth of field might be in order on this one.

I’m liking the trashcans and piping but wonder if the horizontal piece of piping on the right border couldn’t go. The piping on the left border suggest a world outside the frame. For that matter the trashcans could be moved off the border a little. Just nitpicking here.

Not so nitpicking is the left upper corner. Corners in a still are a dangerous place since the viewers attention can go there in a heartbeat. For some unknown reason corners can draw a viewers attention. It’s not happening in you clay render and I wouldn’t change a thing. I would however tone that pipe down right at the corner regardless of the material. Or, you could vignette the illustration since that was done quite frequently in that time period.

The idea and the composition are really interesting. With a distinctive German flavor. The modeling as usual is without peer. Now I have to echo @speed. We want to see some copper and mild steel plates. Not to mention rivets. One other thought comes to mind. A HDRI worthy of this composition. That could really be a bitch.

minoribus this is looking wonderful, how far are you from texturing?

Cheers, Shaun. I added some other small details today. And there are a few more not so little things to do. As you may see in this post I have replaced the last two placeholders. These were the foot rests and the human figure. I replaced the MH placeholder with my own model. For now I was focusing on the position of the head and I have to rework almost everything by modeling and sculpting. The hands are horrible small at the moment. The clothing is totally raw and his facial expression also needs some work. And he isn’t sitting as relaxed as the previous model. After that I must add the pedestrian on the sidewalk and then I’ll start texturing.

Ghost thank you for your detailed critique. This was very helpful and encouraging. I followed your suggestion and moved the trash cans more to the center. For now I’ll leave the vertical pipe as it is, because I like that it breaks the horizontal lines and it will be more subtle in the final render since this area will be darker. But I see your point and I’m willing to change it if I see later that it doesn’t work. For the same reason I’m also concerned about the second street light on the right side. This light could easily move the viewers attention away from the subject. I should dial the strength down for this street light.

Hey, I’m curious, what parts you’d call a German flavor? :slight_smile:

16 days left. Hell, do I really have to texture all that stuff? Wasn’t there a competition class for AO renders? :stuck_out_tongue:

minoribus, honestly I would have said the setting itself. And, then it dawns on me you might be thinking the tank tracks. To be frank I don’t know. Hell for that matter it could be your precision modeling. :slight_smile:

I copy your thinking on the pipe but it seems to me another little problem has cropped up. The top of the streetlamp and the pipe now form a tangent of sorts which could hold a viewers eye. Simply scaling it a bit on the Z axis… I think having that light dim is a excellent idea.

IMHO everything is outstanding from concept to composition. The items on the street itself are nice and add to the overall look. Now if I may here’s a idea and just a idea mind you. Imagine a bottle on the street in the foreground actually breaking the bottom border and pointed at him. We are not seeing the entire bottle because the bottom border is cropping it. Nah probably wouldn’t work in any realistic scale. But, it could be a piece of newspaper for that matter. Or, two pieces as a lead in.

This is just amazing and I’m wondering how you are going to key the lighting. High Key with a vignette or maybe even low key. Then with this modeling mid range is probably it. Hey, speed7, myself, and everyone else can’t wait for the materials and lighting. Now what I would call the fun part begins.