the house of the rising sun


this is my first attempt in creating a wooden house (sorry, no sun here, i lied).

What I did

I created a few tubes, moved some verts to give it a rougher surface, added textures, and started to call them trunks.
I duped, scaled and rotated the trunks, added them row by row.

What consumes me (aka what sucks)

the house has already 60.000+ verts, no roof included or any interior. the building method i used took forever too.

What I am asking for

if some1 would give advice for an easier method with less verts for creating a good old ancient wood house (maybe with a little hint for the roof), that would be great.
and a little critics on the windows would be great. anything else you have to say is welcome too :^)


in case everything worked out you ll find an image (no render) of the blend file hosted on imageshack:

and the blendfile (4.2 mb) hosted on rapidshare:

(click on “free”, wait a few secs, enter the code)

final words

and now to something completely different:

i am rendering a fluid sim right now (oh well, i am rendering it since almost two days). how do you render sequences that would take ages to render on your own?
i came across drqueue (which i will be unable to set up) and another project which was windoze only, so… what do you do?


I realize it s a pain ita to download the blend file, and my screenie isn’t showing much, i rendered 2 images showing more detail.

i know the textures aren’t really nice, what i’d like to get some critics / hints / advice for is the window-structure shape and / or an idea for making a good wooden house.

thanks for any advice,


i’d say you should make an screen shot of the wire (800x600 minimum)

other than that dunno why you eaven have that many polys/verices? :-?

its the tubes, i didnt know how to add depth to the tube elseways:

this one shows a single tube i duped many times: