The how old is everyone thread......

How old are you ?

(I am not saying yet untill someone replies who is older than me…)



[now stop asking everyone]

This has been asked several times already…
But I’m 15 anyway.

Plenty ? Are those dog years or what ?


a.b.t.w. go command someone else…

just 17 :D:P

I’m 2.25.

In dog years, that is. :smiley:

In human years, 22.

Jesus. I started a thread like this two days ago and immediately regretted it after doing a search for “age”.

I’m four hundred and twenty nine in hermit crab years.

well, guess you (md01) missed this one:

oh, and

maybe I missed one…

indeed, this has been asked TOO many times… do a search instead of hitting “New Topic” everytime you’re bored.

this thread is locked.