The Hulk (Avengers Version) W.I.P

Still W.I.P. so no sss :wink:
Modelling in blender,sculpting and texturing in zbrush and photoshop.
Rendering in cycles.


looks great,more human than the version in avengers,that version has a smaller head and more muscle mass

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You can tell the texture is stretched under the nose, but otherwise you’ve got a pretty solid model (pun intended)

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thanks!Honestly if i turn on the sss on,it looks better on that part :wink:

thanks!I thought the body looked kinda cartoonish in the first movies,really exaggerated!
I wanted the original hulk face but with a more human musculinity like the last avengers movie :wink:

Yeah, but it would still look stretched.

the sss would smooth things up.Plus it’s still w.i.p,i will work on it more :wink:

Yep, I know. You just asked for suggestions and I had one. Wonderful job! I really like it.

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FANTASTIC scultpting!!

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thank you!