The Human Bulb - noob suggestions/advice

I’ve been working on this for awhile (despite its simplicity). I am really wanting to make the person glow more like a light bulb filament. Any suggestions?



To get what you want, you’ll have to play around with Yafray.
That or post-pro it.

what about the sequencer glow effect??

Sequencer plugins.


I am not sure what stage of progress you are on so here’s a list of my C&C for you:

Looks like you have 6 light sources. It makes your bulb look “busy”. Try to use only One source. Make the “shiny spot” tiny. Being that this is a light bulb, maybe thee should be no other light sources?

Adjust the Shiny part of the glass. Play with the Shaders.

The “Default Blue” back ground is dominating. Try a gray shade (Black White or gradient). Crop the picture or zoom in.

That human figure is great. I’d leave it as is (reminds me of that green guy in the kid’s board game “Mouse Trap”, just kidding).

The Screw part needs to be threaded and the normals corrected. Normally I would use a bitmap for threads, but those type are too large to do that. You’ll actually need to mesh that.

I see no shadows, but then again, this project is a “light Source”, thus no shadows would be seen. Id’ fake it.

I appreciate the feedback. I will be messing with it some more over the next few days.