The hunt for stupid warnings

I thought of something we could do that might be funny. (explanation to follow, little example/story first).

We have a water cooler/heater in our kitchen and the warning sticker is badly translated to said the least.
In a nutshell, if you’d translate the french part (while keeping the same sort of syntax and spelling errors), you’d get “The hot water! Keep out less of raech of children”, which is praticly funny, but totally patethic .

I’m most likely not the only who’s irked by those truely idiotic warnings, so I though it might be funny to do a sort of stupid warnings hunt.
So you guys go grab your camera and take pics of as many stupid warnings/translations as you can find. And I do mean you taking pictures yourself, not just looking for them on the net. That would be cheating :stuck_out_tongue:



The story: On vacation in Arizona. . . saw these two funny signs at the SAME marina (it was next a lake). I just laughed when I saw these.
Ok . . . why couldn’t they just settle with a 5mph speed limit sign? Can they pull someone over for going 6.75 mph? :wink:
Just how much are they charging for Powerade? $175? or 175¢? :smiley:

I have a bottle of Children’s Tylonel in the closet, and it says “Warning: Do Not Drive or Operate Heavy Machinery”… Because, well, we all know that 12 year olds are construction workers… I’d take a picture, but I don’t feel the need for one.

A fantastic place to find all sorts of crazy stuff and bad translations is

work safe.

Sorry, I can’t find it now but there was a sign in the north of my country that read in English something like:

"Don’t throw trash or human corps in this corner.

The Polize"

Hooray! (In the interest of seeing variety in this thread, please refrain from copying images from The Hall to here, though you may be tempted to.)

I found this link on, which is a fun site.

Man, this is the funniest…

Interface Hall of Shame - A hilarious hall of shame dedicated to computers and the stupidity of some of their developers (no offense to any coders here at elysiun). This is worth a look to see what NOT to do in GUI’s. I was rolling on the floor, laughing after reading some of these! :smiley:


sorry theeth

Ghee. and I though I was clear when I said:

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Maybe the people who made the sign don’t care if French people get burned. The French are not a popular bunch. But they accounted for French-Canadians who likely speak English too.

I don’t have a camera but they’ve devoted a site to such sign madness. Not sure they’re all genuine:

That’s not the actual caption though. It’s just one he made up. The picture looks nothing like a box falling on a dog.

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I think they’re rebelling against you as a moderator.

Hey!! My pictures were 100% REAL and taken by me (well one of them. . . my dad took the other). I haven’t run across any others. . . but there is one down the street, maybe get that during the week.

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I think they’re rebelling against you as a moderator.[/quote]

Not really. It’s pretty hard work for so little pleasure.

  1. find a sign (harder than it sounds)
  2. get camera ready if you have one.
  3. take well framed image in good light.
  4. (digital camera) hook camera to computer.
  5. (analogue camera) get photos developed, scan print.
  6. upload image to web host.
  7. post reply with image.
  8. time for bed.