The Hunt

(CurtisS) #1

I do not recall ever seeing a post here or on the original Blender forums but you may want to check out “The Hunt”. It was created Marco Spitoni (one of your countrymen, S68) and it is one of the best CG shorts I have seen in recent memory. It took him over a year to create (mostly in 3D Studio Max). Lucas could learn a thing or two from this guy (if he hasn’t already hired him…).
Go to the DivX web site and browse to the Showcase to download it. It is about 47Mb and requires DivX installed but it is really worth it if you have not watched it.

(sten) #2

I have already seen it and like
that short CG movie quite a lot !!

I have it on my Harddrive,
and look at it now and then :smiley:

(BgDM) #3

I think I had posted it on the original blender forum. That was one hell of a movie. Great camera work, etc. Awesome movie!!

Definitely worth the DL, if you got the time :wink:


(pofo) #4


What a rush. That was really great!

Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

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