The hunter

Hi all,

Just finished up an old character that I almost had forgot all about. Tweaked it alittle and
now I just need to animate it. So this picture is for my homepage that needs an update.

What you think ?



Very good the materials for the clothes and nice the model, I’d like to see some environment whic did justice to your hunter!

I’d LOVE to see this in an exaggerated jungle scene!

That looks great! It could fit really well into some newer high-quality animation short.

I agree with Hobo Joe, a completely exaggerated jungle scene would be perfect for him :smiley:

Thats awesome, but i just have some minor appereance crits. Because his face is so pale, and his lips kinda purplish, he looks kinda undead. Thats all. Have a good one

It’s great! :yes: Smoking a cigar to scare away all the wild game within half a mile, looking one way while pointing the rifle the other way… Very Cheneyesque. You have captured an achetype. He should be proudly resting one foot on an open case of beer, or have a half drunk whisky bottle somewhere nearby. :evilgrin:

That looks cool, gangstraous!

Yeah i wont promise any jungle, but I can promise animation. Im planing a little sketch
with this one…

Yeah I just use the default SSS (skin2) Never tried SSS before …

That is funny…looks like a city slicker suddenly became a redneck. I’m not completely sure why, but it just does.

Funny character. Its weird, at first glance I thought it was a nazi. Maybe because of the way he holds his gun, so that at a glance it looks like he has that typical cloth with the swastika wrapped around his arm. The color scheme somehow reminded of a nazi as well.
Funny how the mind works.