"The image could not be loaded."

Sorry if this has been mentioned already but a cursory search didn’t return anything relevant.

I’ve noticed recently (a few months now) that when clicking on certain images in various posts, instead of seeing the enlarged linked image, I’m seeing “The image could not be loaded.” Want examples?

These are the few that came to mind but there are plently others. It’s happened on different computers. Is anyone else seeing this?

They seem to work here at least. Is the issue you’re running into in a thread? Could you share links to those specific threads?

Waitaminute…you mean you see three images above? I only see three placeholders.

This is what I’m seeing…

In any case here are the threads mentioned above…

In certain threads I’m also seeing this…

You’re not?

Nope. I see those images just fine.

Well, then…I guess (unless someone else can corroborate) the problem is mine alone. Thanks for looking into it anyway.

Update 2021-02-18: somehow or other other the situation has resolved itself, much to my surprise. Any unseen/blurred images preview with no problems now.

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