The Immune System

The Immune system by Kapace (aka iwin123and or fuzzywutzy):

Very good! You get an A. I guess the days of colored pencils are gone…

:smiley: Nice effort, although the blood cells look like UFOs…
:smiley: And some of them get through the blood vessels (omg hemoragic loss !)

lol deflection didn’t work very well, anyone know why?

 lol deflection didn't work very well, anyone know why?

Here’s my guess. Notice the cells only poked thru about halfway. A particle is just a point in space, so the deflection just takes that into account, not the actual geometry of the cells. So the cells would be able to penetrate up to the point where the object center hits the wall, and no further. The result ends up looking weird. I wonder if the game engine physics would have given you better results with deflecting the cells off the walls…

Nice. But you’ve made many many spelling mistakes. Responce = Response. Same with Respones. You’ve also written aquired instead of acquired.

Generally pretty good. The face could do with more subsurfacing, and you should try to read the lines a bit more clearly :slight_smile: But I guess that’s not what this forum’s for :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. I actually fixed teh mistakes but then forgot to upload the right movie. As for the reading, i didn’t read it my friend kenny did, but I had a bad microphone.

Hmm i can see why the cells would slide through a little bit,but then bounce off, but why do some completely ignore the face and go thorugh? I did everything to try to make them all bounce… Oh well, i still got the ‘A’