The Imperial Scout [In Progress]

Hello all! After a long time of preparing and fiddling with teh game engine I think Im going to try to actually complete a game! Heres the story-line.

Your nick name is Ace[until I can find a better one] you’ve been pulled out of the imperial academy after completing a survey handed out to the school. Now your Captain comes by with missions for you. You have to assassinate Key Members of the Rebel Forces with your arsenal of 4 weapons (All I got so far) a bomb, Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, and Light-Dagger (Small light-saberish thingy)

I will add more depth to the story if it need be. I don’t want to launch right in way over my head and get lost 1 day in. I already have 3 player Models.

Storm Trooper

Captain - (Help me think of a good name)

And Ace

All these models are just done with materials to the faces just to give a better idea of what it will look like. No textures yet.

If you want to help I’m sure I can find something for everyone to do.

Check List:

Landscaping (ie: trees rocks schrubs etc.)

NPC’s (I need low-Poly models of anything that looks Starwars esk)

The Weapons ( Sniper Rifle, Blaster pistol, light-dagger)

Someone who is good at marking seams

Leave the entire map layouts to me (or dont if you have an awesome idea)

Thanks so much for your support.

Lets hope this turns out well :smiley:

PS: Name Ideas(Game and Characters)? Should Ace be Camouflaged to the environment :D?

I’d say it’s a bit too Star wars. Great movies, but I’d encourage you to come up with an original idea. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, it’s just that you seem to be hitting a bit too close to the mark with the stormtrooper costumes. I think you’d be better served in the long run by making a few modifications. Space them, fine, battle against evil fine - maybe just a few tweaks to the names and costumes. Good luck…

or you could just say, to heck with it, and make a star wars game, cause those are sweet models :wink:

Sounds cool :wink: .
By the way nice models :slight_smile: .

Awesome models!
Do you need help on rigging them? An easy way in 2.47/Apricot builds is just parent to the armature and hit “create from bone heat” after adjusting the bone heat.

Thanks for all the encouragement :smiley:
3d medieval I actually was going for a very starwars esk game (minus jedi’s) I didnt think you would like the models so much :smiley:

One of my favourite parts of game creation is rigging and Animation so I’m Fine there. (Thank you for the Bone heat tip,B3D00 =D)

What I do need is good looking weapons, and landscapes. Does anybody of any tips for making nice looking landscapes fast and easily that I could later tune to make an object based level.

PS: I spent the last 3 hours HAMMERING Python into my head. Its code is written on the inside of my eyeballs now.

I also forgot how to make a scope it was the first thing I learnt and now I forget Dx

Alright im working on the Menu and Animations for Ace

What do you mean by a scope? The same as the sniper rifles?
That’s a overlay scene and the lens value of the camera via IPO…

Im Off for the night. If anyone wants to do something on the checklist go ahead.

thanks BD

I will work on a sniper rifle for you, but I’m going out of town so I won’t be back until next week so if someone else wants to do it they can.

I think I would try to get away from using Starwars names if I were you. It doesn’t take much to turn it into a really original idea but still use Starwars for a lot of your inspiration. Just try to remember what you would have changed about the movies, or elements from other movies that you really liked. And make up the names off the top of your head. The Ohmrem Patrol. Ghoydren Rangers. Whatever sounds cool to you. I think that’s one thing Tolkien did very well and it made a huge difference in his writing.

Heres the sniper rifle I finished sooner than I thought… If you like it I’ll pm it to you. If you want little changes to it I’ll change it around. :cool:
EDIT: By the way I would still go with a star wars game


Oh yes please! Thats a great sniper please pm me the blend, yes.

Im TORN but heres my reasoning. I could still make this an awesome starwars game, I could just have it so it doesnt impact the main storyline of starwars. I was thinking more on the story and something along the lines of:

Groups of rebel activists have been colonizing on sought to be lifless planets on the far edge of the Outer Rim.

Its simple, intriguing, and doesnt efect the main story line and I can go in whatever direction I want.

I made the title screen, Ill show a picture in a few

Heres the pic feel free to make it better

Running and Walking animations are done for Ace. Now I’m making jumping and death animation.

jumping working good and a nice death animation and then my laptop crashed and im back at halfway through the Running animation. I had the menu working to.

I have a menu, a hud that almost works, running walking jumping and dying. But blender is screwing up and not showing my debug properties.

Sweet! Good luck for future =).