The impossible.. WC 106

Sadly I’ll have only few hours to complete it (this Weekend I’ll be out) so I don’t know if I can accomplish the task…

Anyway, this is the starting of my idea: in a blocky world, a little dog produces something “impossible”!

Obviously still a lot of things have to be added!

I think that this is a very good idea! The dog already looks promising and I’m looking forward to see more…

thanks thoro!

Pretty good. I think you need a yellow sky though… scenes like this always need a yellow sky for some reason.

<edit:> hehe yes I see you know you need more stuff yet, I only had some brief comments.

You should also put some more “blocky” references in there. The idea is great ! But you should put in like a blocky grass, or tree, or fire hydrant or something, and maybe some buildings in the background. Remember, you need a frame of reference for the art. Perhaps the dog is in the park? Perhpas he’s just outside the house, in the backyard? Where do dogs usually “drop” hehe. Try to tell a story along with making the cool images.


I think he still has to add a few things. :smiley:

a quick reply from a portable: yes, I’ll add a scenery, with lamp, flowers, houses and an amazed owner, this is far from being complete!

I just don’t know if I’ll find the time, two weddings in two days are a big task! :wink:

Huh. I look forward to the result.

small update…

an almost finished update… not totally satisfied, so now I need strong crits to make it better!

I think it’s great as it is. Congrats.

Are these the guys from Dire Straits’ “I want my MTV” clip?

great man (can use some less grain though)

yes, that’s my little secret… a small tribute (maybe I’ll add a TV with the video playing in a no-challenge version…)
Somebody suggested to make the… product with metaballs. what do you think?

cute! I like it better if there wasn’t the people!

Wow. For some reason that strikes me as a worthwhile entry. Damn good work. nice concept too. How bout a desktop?