The Incredible Turk

Hi, I came from Blender Turkish forum.

Cycles Render Time: 20 minutes / 350 samples - CPU (i5)

Cycles Render Time: 15 minutes / 250 samples - CPU (i5)

All objects and vertexs made in Blender. %100 pure. :slight_smile:

This man, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha. He is the father of modern Turkey. We are grateful to him. Because you know; Syria, Iraq, Ukraine chaos and under occupation. Turkey in the middle of them all.

Anyway, we will begin to make animation and Blender Game; for 100th years of Gallipoli Landing.

This is my reference photo. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (right-civil) in September 1919.

Here, you can see the Ataturk’s headquarters and work room in Bigalı Village /Eceabat.
In Gallipoli / Canakkale - Turkey.

And Gallipoli. This, uniform reference photo. After May 1915. (On light uniform-Left)

Sorry, my English is basic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for edit :slight_smile:

I think this pose is the best. :smiley:

Update II

Cycles 1000 samples.
In this frame, an image from the animation project. But animation is not ready yet.


  • A new mesh created. (With classic method: Reference photos and vertex drawing)
  • Eyelash (hair) added.
  • Mustache redesigned.
  • Now, eyes more detailed.
  • Skin shader and face texture, was prepared again.
  • Add normal map to cloth and headgear.

%100 Blender was used. (3D)
Gimp & Rawtherapee (2D - Texture Fix)