The Indian Vechile (WIP)

Hey Guys this is model which i’m working on it. Really i’m enjoying my modeling over here. The work is in process adding details to the model, sure i will finish it off very soon. Plz comment to my WIP… :slight_smile:


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30May2012-WIP. Added suspension, added detail to the rim,Added some details.

Thanx Guys for Cheering me up… Thanx a lot…

Still adding detail Ramaswamy?
I thought all the modeling was done!
Damn you’re a perfectionist… congratulations on that!
I am a very lazy modeler!!

looks very cool!

Cool and kinda refreshing as it’s not a bad$ss sports car. :slight_smile:

@@Utopia780 : Yes Dude. need to work with tyre grip, handlebar, interior, back side(danger light, silencer) like that. Will do everything upto my knowledge. Because i love modelling always :wink:

By the way ramaswamy1984, link to your homepage (deviantart) is broken.


Yes Dude. i’m planning to open a new site. So i blocked that page…

Hello Guys… Just few More days. i will finish modeling. I believe i added details upto my knowledge. Though its Indian Vehicle this is not that much familiar in abroad. Anyways Happy by modeling it. I can’t wait to take this into Texturing, lighting and rendering. I believe all liked it very much. Thanx for your lovely support and valuable comments which makes me to concentrate this into more beauty.
Here today i altered front mudguard(i changed the shape, coz i found this mudguard auto in roads) and i worked with rear light arrangement.

So Guys Finally the came for this work. Modeling is totally completed. So i’m gonna do with texturing and lighting. Planned Cycles as Render coz i love to do with it. Will be updating it soon.

cool a tuctuc! Model is looking great , we have a local comedian who would always include one of these in his movies over the years.

Very well done Rams!

Going for textures next? Cycles?

@ @Utopia780 : Yes dude. Next i’m gonna do texture and the output will be from cycles… :slight_smile: