The infamous Star Trek nacelle dome effect

I’ve been experimenting with the infamous nacelle dome effect (thanks to some new features of Blender). And here is where I am so far:

The ship in question is the USS Lexington with a minor upgrade or two from what we see in the original series. Only one of these is really visible for this animation but more on that later. Please note: The glowing inboard grille probably won’t stay, I was just giving it a try.

Hard About! Prepare to stop. (DivX, 594 KB)

Hard About! Prepare to stop. 2/3 speed (DivX, 875 KB)

And some of my favorite shots are the close-ups where you can see the “bulbs” as they move in space (hey! a pun)

They look great. Great design overall, but it is too flat. It needs some ‘depth’ to its textures. Keep up the good work with it, though, I believe this could turn into something amazing.

The flat look of the ship is from the subdued lighting. I turned the lights down to emphasize to increase focus on the domes. Thanks for the comments.

wow pretty cool!