The inner

Hmm… I get the distinct impression I should be holding a pair of enforcers, getting ready to jump the guy with the fully-loaded rocket launcher on the other side of the column!

Nice work, but it lacks depth uncoloured.

stairs in the background look weird at this angle of view: it seem very steep to climb!!!
Other than that, some texture (even b&W ones) would be cool to give some variety in the tones.
Modelingis very simple, but lighting is efficient and the angle of view is nicely set.

Very nice lighting, though a bit too much AO for my taste. Nevertheless the light atmosphere is eloquent.

The modeling needs a bit more effort. The sharp edges cut my eyes! At least the long and outstanding edges desperately need beveling.

I like it: looking pure.

Simple but effective.

May I ask what kind of lighting you used for this scene ? Those windows up there look like emitters by the way …


there’s 4 light souces. Spot light to make window effect, 2 simple sphere lapms on the back and AO