The introduction about.. first short animation

Hi Guys.
it’s finally done. I’ve created my first animation… and yes… it’s introducing myself.
I’ve working on this for some month… and at least it took around 9hours of rendering at 1024samples. I really hope, that you like my work.


Egan T Guenthers INTRO [HD]

for those who are interested… here are some bts… pictures and notes i forgot to tell before
video is made with blender 2.79b.
Project rendered with 1024samples at CPU+GPU Rendering 32 tiles
Rendered in ~ 9hours
Duration: 7 seconds
Project use around 2100MB of RAM
Verts: ~75.000
Objects: 51

it was a fun to made it… and to check out some limits for rendering on my machine.

hope you like it… even if it’s a short one.