The invasion of Earth (FreeSpace)

(hotsnoj) #1

The invasion of Earth

My rendition of what it might have looked like when the Shivans are about to destroy earth. BTW I’ve never seen the movie 'cuz I never lost. In case of copyright stuff or whatever. I got the earth textures at this site http:// .

(basse) #2

it’s a bit dark (can’t see anything really) … there is also some textureproblems on the very right…


(hotsnoj) #3

You sure your monitor contrast is right? I can see it fine. Its just the fighters you can’t really see 'cuz their so tiny.

(Waffler) #4

I don’t know … I’m having a hard time seeing it also.

(hotsnoj) #5

I can see it just fine. Are you not able to see the fighters? The whole scene is about 150 blender squares. I am working on a new version of this I got a semi-bad review at another forum. All the models are from this thread ( The ships are taken directly from the game. So any texture problems are in the game to.