The Inverted...

Been working on this game for awhile. I’ve wanted to do a survival/horror game for quite some time. It’s far from finished.

The game looks really nice.
Is it that jerky when you play or is that just the recording software?

I’ve had trouble with mouselook in full screen causing that jerky camera effect, I fond a solution for it, but it only works for python scripts, not the basic mouse sensor.

Thank you Smoking_mirror. :slight_smile: It’s actually the screen recorder software that creates the jerkiness. The game itself plays pretty smoothly.

I really like the atmosphere of the game. Very smart use of lights.
Bravo !

Thank you Wabby. :slight_smile: The game plays pretty good. One thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to get occlusion working. I’ve put cubes around objects in certain rooms and applied occlusion to them but, I can still see the objects inside them. I’m wondering if it’s a bug with the latest version of Blender or something? If I can get some suggestions, that would be awesome, thanks. :slight_smile:

Watch this -
Than use a secondary very optimized same room mesh for collision and make it invisible, that’s how I am using it :slight_smile:

Thank you Birdaogwra. It worked. :slight_smile: