The IPhone's 1000 dollar "I Am Rich" application, actually was purchased 8 times

Do you want the world to know how rich you are, that you have a massive wad of money to burn? 8 people bought “I am Rich” from the Apple app. store and is no longer available and thus the creator has earned nearly 8000 dollars, but I hear there’s going to be a crack of that for free:spin:

The video in the link shows “I am Rich”, so good only rich people could’ve afforded it.

Obvious some folks have money to burn. Or buy “I am rich”

Whoever made that app was a genius. He just made $8,000 from 8 idiots who thought they were rich.

Well, they’re not anymore…

Isn’t ‘I was rich’ a more adequate title?

this is just opportunity. Someone should make an app that just has an image of a cardboard box or something and call it “I am poor”. Sell it for $1 and see how many people will buy that one.

This just proves the world is full of morons.

In a National Geographic a while back they had a phone you could buy and get an island with a mansion and private golf coarse…for $1,000,000 and you had to be one of the 50th richest people.

Hats off to the guy who made that app.

unless its the guy who made the app telling them he is now rich.

That guy’s a genius. He got 8 crazy people buy a useless app and make them think " I am rich" and he made $8000. :eek:

aka: swindler, or smart guy. :smiley:

It also proves that catering to the morons is a very lucrative venture.

No it’s not $1000.

This is one of those things that really help society progress.
I’m not joking, it helps us identify crazy people.

deserv? a $999.99 app that doesn’t even have right spelling for what little text it have? it is supposed to be deserve.

7 of these 8 purchasers are morons. only one of them did it just to show everybody else how idiotic it is (Gizmodo).

He is a it[?|!]

Maybe make the backround in Paint and put I AM POOR I TOTALLY DON’T DESERV IT. as a lucrative comeback…and sell it for even more money!

The guy behind that program was very smart. He deserves every penny he’s earned so far.

Anyway, if you like I’ve made a t-shirt on Cafepress you can buy for a much reasonable price. I hope I don’t get attacked for essentially stealing an idea…

link removed. idea aborted

You should have the icon as well, it’ll be 3 times better.:wink:

why you callin’ the “7” 3D max users moron ? and I ain’t Gizmodo neither too.